First edition of “RENDERING” still available to all you collectors or those that have not bought some for your neighbors. Same goes for “Senior Touring Society.”

In case you missed “RENDERING”,  A jet pilot loses his job when the company folds and they sell the Lear45 jet. Everyone is out of work. He heads for a small town somewhere in the southwest and lands a job flying cargo for a cosmetic firm when the regular pilot  breaks his leg. However. . . about the second or third trip he begins to think there may be something fishy going on with the cargo. A wee bit of romance and some humor sneaks in a few places.

“SENIOR TOURING SOCIETY” is all about us older folks.  Some of us are meek and some of us very loud. You may laugh out loud when you find your aunt Mary or uncle Harry is just like Emma or Ned.

Christmas Greetings

To all a good day enjoying the Christmas time. Giving and family get together s. I’ll be going for dinner with a dear friend here in Fayetteville. We just returned from a dinner at the Mill near Puppy Creek.The road washed out when a hurricane here came last year. They are just now getting around to rebuilding.

Senior Touring Society

Finally HERE Published Oct. 24 and ready for sale. If purchased direct from me, Cover price $7.99 plus actual postage.  I will sign and dedicate as you wish this first edition.

Also available for you that missed it Rendering with cover price $12.99 plus actual postage and I will sign and dedicate as you wish this first edition.

new book

Senior Touring Society will be released October 24, 2017. 

It’s been a while coming but it is coming now. This comedy I hope will make you think of someone you know and laugh. The book will also have the short story, The Gray Tree. Some may remember this was a collaboration with John Bauer who won my contest to complete the story line I started.

I am looking forward for your reviews.


New Book

My new book is  Seniors Touring Society . 

This story based on events that most of us old folks say and do. I hope everyone enjoys the comedy and can relate to someone you know and laugh out loud.

We are in final editing phases so it should be published in next  months or so.